San Jorge Student Educational Programs



Since 2002, San Jorge offers the best educational trips in Ecuador. International students are invited to live the real ecuadorian experience through a lifetime learning trip. San Jorge's Education Trips offer practical education on ecology, botany, ornithology, conservation, archeology, shamanism, community service, and eco-adventures.


■ Custom-Designed Educational Trips to meet any institutional need

■ 24/7 bilingual assistance through e-mail and/or conference calls

■ Best price gurantee since we are based in Ecuador and we manage/own all the lodging facilities

■ Areas visited and accommodations are sustainable and community-friendly

■ Billingual tour leaders and staff with a great deal of experience in the field

■ A percentage of the price trip will go toward community development and/or conservation of critically endangered Ecuadorian forests.

Educational Programs for students in Ecuador


San Jorge Eco-lodges and Natural Reserves are strategically located in the most important eco-regions present in Ecuador; the Pacific Slope, the Andes, and the Amazon Basin. Excellent location to experience Ecuador's unparralled biological and cultural diversity.



Ecuador is the most biodiverse country per square mile in the world thanks to its numerous eco-regions and micro-climates. Learn the ecological aspect of all these regions through intensive hands-on experiences as you visit the high-Andes, montane forest, cloud forest and both pacific and amazonian tropical forests. San Jorge owns eco-logdes and private natural reserves in all these forest types and important ecological zones.


In Ecuador, eco-tourism is the fastest growing segment of tourism and San Jorge Eco-lodges is probably the only true eco-bussiness fully owned and operated by ecuadorians. Learn form the founder and other San Jorge tour leaders what are the key ingredients to manage an award-winning and environmentally-responsible business who promotes conservation and provides socio-economic benefits to local poeple.


Ecuador is characterized for being one of the countries with the highest diversity of vascular plants in the world with over 25,000 species. San Jorge Eco-lodges are located in areas where most of this plants occur and the founder, Dr. George Cruz has developed a-one-of-its-kind field book on the medicinal plants that occur at his properties. The book covers the most important plants that were used in ancestral medicine and some that are widely used in modern medicine today. Learn from the experts, all there is to know about ecuadorian plants, orchids and medicinal plants.


Ecuador is regarded as the best country in the world for birdwatching with over 1700 birds species in a country the size of Colorado State. San Jorge Eco-lodges are located inside the top 5 most important birding areas in Ecuador. Discover Ecuador's bird mega-diversity with the experts George Cruz and Luis Alcivar, authors of the bird fielguide: "The Birds of the Metropolitan District of Ecuador" and with almost two decades of experience in the field.


Ecuador has very important pre-Inca and Inca archeological sites. Visit temples, citadels, burial grounds, and natural history museums exibiting archeological findings to learn the interesting history of pre-colonial cultures of Ecuador.


The Andes and the Amazon region of Ecuador are to this day, home of the best shamans in South America. Visit Ecuador's most important indigenous communities to learn about the culture of shamans and to take part of their sacred healing ceremonies and cleansenings.


Ecuador is not only known for its unparalleled biodiversity, but sadly, for its fast deforastation rates too. Less than 10 percent of our Humind Chocoan Forest is left. One of the most biodiverse forest in the world and home to numerous endemic plants, birds, animals, amphibians and fish species, is little by little being replaced by all type of tropical plantations. Help San Jorge save what's left of it and restore corridors through hands-on projects of planting native trees/plants.

Luis Alcivar Poster on Bird Life

Luis Alcivar's project on "The Impact of Agriculture on Biodiversity and Bird Life in Ecuador" using geographic information system (GIS) and datasets/shapefiles for spatial analysis.


Work with local students by helping them improve thier english through lessons, entertain children and assist with renovations. Work alonside local villagers at a traditional mud brick factory to make adobe bricks to improve the town's elementary school.

For Medical colleges and universities, we run medical missions to the poorer communities of Ecuador, includng the remote jungle areas with complete mission coordination including transportation, lodging, meals, obtaining approvals, acting as liason between the villages in need of medical treatments and the student-doctor groups arriving with supplies to preform treatments. Contact us for further information.


A program of this kind needs to to have some fun and adventure too and we offer superb options from hiking to rafting and canopy adventures.